Monday, 29 January 2018

HP Design Jet 4000PS Plotter

In the past two decades plotter printers would be the popular topics in the electronics industry and also this is because to its high quality printing. These types of plotter printers are all used for printing a PDF, CAD, maps and all types of images. It can also print images which do have more than 10MB as its size. These sorts of plotters are manufactured by many companies and one such company is HP. 

HP Plotter is one of the product of HP and it is rocking the market with its rate and quality output. Nowadays many companies are switching their printers into this model as it can print more plots i.e. it can also print 10 in daily.

Hewlett Packard was the leader in imaging and printing technologies. This was the earliest in the market during the 1980's to now come up with inkjet and laser technology used in printers until date. It’s very first printer was that the "ThinkJet" in 1984 based on the inkjet technology and after the "DeskJet" printer additionally based on inkjet technology and the "Laser" printer as its name suggests based on laser technology.


The Laser Jet cartridge comprises up to 70 percent of the whole imaging system and therefore plays an integral role in delivering quality prints. It uses a precision laser to draw the image giving clear sharp and precise prints. These are ideal for home as well as small to large businesses and work groups.

Design Jet

These cartridges provide uniform suits, sharply defined lines and crisp clear text across a wide variety of durable printing applications. These cartridges are used for large format printing media such as trade show and event displays, posters and presentations, photo enlargements, architecture and engineering applications such as CAD/CAM.

This HP Plotter comes with inbuilt memory and the magnitude of the memory is 256MB. Generally plotter printers impress people by its rate and HP Design jet 4000PS Plotter isn't an exception. It takes less than 5 minutes to load a 50MB file or image and also to print it. No need to worry even if you've got a 100MB file as this printer can print that file in 10minutes.

You need to concentrate on the ink quality as well. The ink quality determines that the output clarity of a print. Spooling is also made easy in this particular version and we must thank the HP technical weapon for it. It's also easy to feed paper into the printer and the best thing is that you can feed newspapers in large volume too. However this can change depending up on the resellers as you possibly can avail discount offers these days that have many sellers.

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